It’s a……………………….


That’s right, Miss Ilia will have a baby brother. This is great news for us, since now we won’t have to have any more children. As I’ve said before, being pregnant isn’t my bag, so I’m thrilled we will now have one of each. So no, we will NOT be having any more kids. So don’t ask.Also, I guess I should explain why we’re sharing this info. At first we said we weren’t going to share the sex of the baby so we won’t have to deal with the idiotic name suggestions we’ve been getting. About 5 min. after the appt. we decided we didn’t have that much willpower and sent out a mass email when we got home. That being said, this still doesn’t mean we want to hear the suggestions anyone has. I’m so sick and tired of the stupid assed suggestions we’ve been getting from people. Most annoying is the “I’m never gonna have kids, but if I got a dog, I’d name it ________”. I’m amazed I haven’t smacked the crap out of those people.Anyway, the appointment went well. The baby’s measuring right on target and has all his fingers and toes. No cleft plate and his spine looks good. Heart, brain, kidneys and liver are all functioning and look great too. Yay!!!

I’m doing well, the pain has subsided again, so maybe I’ll just wind up in the ER every 2 months. Who knows? Anyway, here a picture of my belly from the appt.

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