We’re buying a house…maybe

I’ve been on the DL for awhile, busy with work…oh so busy, but mainly busy trying to buy a house. We found a cute little Spanish Colonial Revival (the hoity-toity official style of house) in El Sereno. We made our bid, it was accepted and with us being self-employed, there was a bit of bureaucracy to plow through, but we did it. We were supposed to have gotten our keys today. It seems that someone is dropping the ball somewhere and it ain’t us.

Bottom line: I’m pissed. We signed some papers on Friday and was told, “We should have the keys by the 29th.” I said, “No good, we are supposed to close on Wednesday so make it happen.” So apparently, there’s all this other paperwork that somehow got lost in the shuffle because someone at the title company didn’t send it out until…today. Idiot. I have no idea what’s going on because I’m getting half a story from the people who are to blame and fill in stuff from other people. Tomorrow we do our final walkthrough, which is good because we’re trying to buy a refrigerator to qualify for the rebates offered, but it needs to be installed by the 31st and it doesn’t look like that’ll happen either. That means, if you’re coming to our NYE party, bring a cooler. 😉 So, we’ll probably get the keys on Friday. Probably.

In the meantime, here’s some pics of the house from when we saw it right after it was listed and during the home inspection. If flickr is down, enjoy these:

Front of house
Living room looking into dining room
Fireplace…and unlike our current one, this one actually works!

If you see the pics on the flickr page, feel free to leave a comment. There’s some really interesting features of the home, that I’m trying not to think about right now. I’ll be blogging about our upgrades/renovations to the house on my house blog, if you’re interested (don’t worry, it’ll definitely be updated more).


3 thoughts on “We’re buying a house…maybe

  1. I love it! It took me a minute to realize that Ilia had not frozen in time at a year old and that was in fact her baby brother in the pictures.


  2. Nice house! Isn’t it horrible to have to deal with all the nonsense around moving? We are just starting the process ourselves, so you are actually an inspiration to us!

    Best of luck!


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