Okay, so we bought a house and I’ve fallen down on the blogging front. Mea culpa. What with fixing the house and all the DC scandals, I’m amazed I’m even able to shower at least once a week.

The house is coming along. It’s been painted, stuff has been planted, boxes have been unpacked. That info is ready to be posted on my house blog, I just need to hit ‘post’.

What’s been going on with us. We’ve all been sick. The baby’s been sick for two months. First with horrid butt runs, then a cold, then the butt runs came back. Then he started teething, which gave us high fevers, constipation and a slightly unhappy baby. On top of all of that, he broke out in a rash. Today he’s much happier, fever and rash free. His butt is happy too. He’s growing so big. 16 mos. he’s almost 27lbs. and 34″ tall. Today he woke up from his nap with longer, skinnier legs. I swear he grew an inch.

The little girl is doing fine. She’s lost most of her baby talk, even though the other day this lady acted like she was talking in a Mandarin/Portuguese language. She’s flippin’ huge. I swear by the end of the year, she’ll be as tall as me. Ms. Ilia is all girl. Everyday she wants to wear a dress and ‘fancy shoes’. In the mornings, at bath time, she’s Ariel. When she gets dress she’s Cinderella. She’s decided that we need to go to Disneyland…grumble, grumble school grumble…We (by ‘we’, I mean ‘me’) like to pretend that GOP-loving shithole doesn’t exist and she wants me to actually spend my money to go there. No sweetie, we’re going to the zoo. Or anywhere else.

I guess now I have to pretend to be the mom who likes other people’s kids and cares what their parents have to say. She has two invitations for birthday parties next month. I’m still trying to bribe the old ball and chain to take her, but so far it looks like I’m stuck making small talk with people I don’t know about things I don’t care about. To make matters worse, she wants to invite her whole school to her birthday party (what birthday party?). I think I’ll take her to SeaWorld instead, kill two birds with one stone.

I’ll post some pics soon, but for now you can feast on this:


2 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Ahhh…I thought you’d been abducted by some GOP extremists,or aliens. Sorry Alton’s been sick and I’m even sorrier you,like me,have been sucked into the hell that is preschool birthday party season. I’m off to see if you’ve posted updated pictures off the house.


  2. Yeah, I’ve been on the DL seriously. We’ve been working on the backyard and it’s been hard. I feel like Bush, always clearing brush.


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