$91.90 + 10% tip

That’s the price of a crappy meal at Sitar Indian Cuisine in Pasadena. In all honesty, we should have walked out when the waitress with her shitty little attitude made a big stink out of bringing us a high chair. We both agreed we should have walked out after I cracked open the first batch of chicken samosas and the inside was like dry sand. When I told the waiter, he said, “Well, that’s how chicken is.” I should have just said, “Nevermind the rest of the meal and bring me my check.”

But, we didn’t. Instead, we got a lentil soup that was short on lentil and big on chicken fat taste. We got dried out seekh kabab. In fact, the only thing that wasn’t dried was the raw chicken leg I got, the saffron rice and the raita. Yes, that means the chicken in the chicken tikka masala was dry. Even the fish in the fish curry was dry. The eggplant/lentil/tomato thing we got was edible, if a little sweet.

Which leads me to heat. When people go into an Indian restaurant and are given the options: mild, medium or spicy and ask for medium, don’t give them mild. I’m so damn tired of Indian restaurants doing thing. What’s up with that? I want my heat. Give it to me!

So, if you feel like eating sawdust chicken or soup that makes you want to toss your cookies, by all means, go to Sitar Indian Cuisine it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Especially if you have a blog.


3 thoughts on “$91.90 + 10% tip

  1. Ick! That sounds awful!
    In Pasadena, I like the Indian restaurant that’s across the street from the Soap Kitchen.
    And of course I can’t remember the name. Ate there years ago and remember it to be delicious.
    You should have walked out.


  2. You’re talking about Akbar? We were headed over there, but I was complained it was too pricey. Considering the service and the food are way better, I should have paid it.

    I told my husband, “Wow! I never thought I’d miss the Westside, but at least you can walk into any Indian restaurant and it would be good.” Even half the Indian places near our old Hollywood apt. were edible.


  3. That’s the place. My friends and I go to Pasadena for Chinese at Yujean Kang’s. Which we really love.
    And always end up walking by Akbar’s, when someone says, “we should try this place.”

    Yeah, there’s nothing really super around here, either. Although I do like my little Indian market.


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