Coldwater Creek

Ya know…After 7 years, I’m still trying to figure out how I got on the mailing list for this. To make it worse, I’m now getting emails. Emails for ugly clothes is up there with emails for making my penis larger. Now don’t get me wrong, not all of their clothes are butt ugly. In fact, there’s a really cool over-priced shirt on the site (it’s the Tuxedo Shirt and no I don’t know why the info for that ugly skirt is there). But I’m not trying to shop at a place that offers stuff like this, this or OMG this. In all fairness, the stuff that is offered on the website is nowhere near as hideous as the stuff that comes in their special Plus Size catalog that arrives by mail. If I had a bad body image, that stuff would make me want to curl in a ball and die.

Unfortunately, I at that age (and size) where the idea of wearing low-riders with sequins just screams “desperate hooker wannabe” and I’m not quite at the “I need elastic waistband AND belt-loops on my jeans” look. Which means that I can must stick with the “classics”.


One thought on “Coldwater Creek

  1. I am 43 and also on the coldwater creek mailing list. For some perverse reason they feel women over forty want to wear that crap. IMHO you’d look better as a “hooker wannabe” than in cold water creek’s sh*t. I will never wear it, or Chicos. I shop in misses sections and find nice, fashion forward clothes there without looking like a wannabe teeny bopper. Honestly, nobody is mistaking me for one, but neither does anyone imagine I am over 40 either. The real trick for dressing over 40 or any age is to know what cuts of clothing look best on you. You should also avoid like the plague excesses and dressing head to toe in trends. I bet Oprah, Angela Bassett and Vivica Fox don’t wear nothin’ from Coldwater Creek or Chicos.


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