Southwest’s PR no-no

undated Today Show photo

That is Kyla Ebbert. Ms. Ebbert was tossed off a Southwest plane because a flight attendant though she wasn’t covered enough. I wouldn’t wear what she has on and don’t think much of people who do dress like that, but she looks like most girls overly influenced by TV.

It was a lot more clothing than the 23-year-old college student wears on her job as a Hooters waitress. Her mother, Michele Ebbert, said she would have told her daughter if the outfit was inappropriate.

“But her outfit is fine, Michele Ebbert told TODAY co-host Matt Lauer. “She looks like every other college girl in San Diego.”

Not according to a Southwest employee identified only as “Keith,” who approached Ebbert after she had taken her seat on the plane and was listening to the flight attendants go through their pre-departure routine.

Now Keith also told her that it as “family airline” and that she could go to the gift shop and buy something else to wear. Now, if I were Ms. Ebbert, there would have been some sparks, they would have had to drag my ass off the plane with dart guns and shit. Instead, she:

promised to pull up her top, which wasn’t showing cleavage to begin with, and pull down her tiny skirt.

Bullshit. I’ve flown on Southwest and Ms. Ebbert is more covered than some of them hos you see flying up to Vegas. I’ve been on the plane with girls in bikini tops and no one said ‘boo’ to them. Perhaps Mr. Keith would have prefered she wear a burqini? But the clencher:

What really tops the whole story off is that Ebbert wore the same outfit on the return flight to San Diego later that day. A female flight attendant also took note of it, according to Ebbert.

“I was complimented by the stewardess on my return flight,” she said.

See…some bullshit. Michael Ventre has an opinion piece about the matter.