?uestlove’s Blog

I’ve been reading this the past month and it’s really interesting. You get to see firsthand how being a conscious group, doing what you love AND being black can affect the output. You know that ?uestlove is a Musician. That comes out in everything he writes. But people be trippin’ when he doesn’t toe their line. It’s strange to see it happening. I mean, I see it on political blogs, when someone who’s been put on a pedestal does something that the general populace doesn’t agree with, then it’s all drama. But that’s politics and I’d say a good chunk of the people participating on political blogs are fucking morons who know jackshit about politics. However, when a musician writes on things other than music there’s a can of worms that can be downright toxic. Still, if you’re gonna open your mouth, you gotta deal and I think he does.