Bush loves him some terrorists

George Bush (R-Al-Qaeda) just got some big support from his buddy Osama bin Laden. As a strong supporter of Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda in Iraq and killing Americans uselessly in general, Bush used Wacky bin Laden’s newest hit as a reason to continue the war. Naturally, he used is buzzwords we’ve all grown so tired of hearing. The Asshole-in-Chief babbled:

“I found it interesting that on the tape, Iraq was mentioned, which is a reminder that Iraq is a part of this war against extremists,” Bush said. “If al-Qaida bothers to mention Iraq, it’s because they want to achieve their objectives in Iraq*, which is to drive us out and to develop a safe haven. And the reason they want a safe haven is to launch attacks against America or any other ally.”

That may make sense to idiots who’s tongues are still firmly implanted in Bush’s ass, but I don’t even think that was English. From my Idiot-English translation, it sounds a lot like Bush is saying, “We have to have more Americans die because if they don’t, more Americans will die.” Like I said, I’m still unclear why the GOP takes its foreign policy cues from terrorists. That is, if that is bin Laden. If it is, he’s using way too much GLH on that beard. Or maybe the bin Laden the administration has been showing lost his motivation and they got a new one. Sorta like the Dick York/Dick Sargent swap and they hoped no one would notice. Or maybe bin Laden got in shape and is getting a little vain in his old age. Who knows?

*This is funny to me because it seems like no one’s achieving objectives in Iraq.


One thought on “Bush loves him some terrorists

  1. President Dumbass says that the new bin Laden video reminds us that there’s terrorism in the world.
    Actually, it just helps to remind me that Mr. “dead or alive” is a lying creep. And a few other things I won’t repeat here.


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