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Am I a chump or what. I want this. NOW. I don’t know how I missed the announcement of the Microsoft Surface, but I’d be a happy lady if someone bought me one for my birthday. I found this little gem on YouTube via a parody video:

It’s pretty funny. “Instead of playing with your kids, you can watch videos of them playing by themselves.” I also liked the part, “And if your mom has $10K lying around, she can get a table and you can send a postcard. For free.” HAHAHA I laugh, but I was smitten. I’m thinking of taking equity out of my house to get one. Okay, not really, but I do want one bad.

Here’s a video of Bill Gates boring the hell out of you:

Actually, I love the commercial usage aspect of it. Hell, I’d open a restaurant just to buy some of these tables. Screw the W with their “here’s your handheld device”. My place will have a table with pics of what you’re going to order. COOL. I’m also smitten with the sharing capabilities. When the lady dragged the music to her mp3 player, I was just about done. The part where the pics from the camera appeared on the table. Oh. My. God. Was it good for you? Just that alone would be perfect for work. Adrian and I could go over photos together for usage, without me yelling, “NO! The one that ends in 0947! 47! FOUR. SEVEN.” (It’s not funny. Keep in mind he sits behind me. )

I thought the map thing was kinda lame. Most smartphones today (I have the same phone in the video) have GPS capability, but I have a GPS anyway, so why would go online to get directions? Initially, I thought, “Well, you can share that info with your friends easier.”, but not really. I can beam the same info to my husband’s phone via my phone OR my GPS.

The only thing I’m wondering about is printing capabilities. I’m sure it’s Bluetooth-enabled, but are printers nowadays Bluetoothed (yes, I made up a word)? Yeah, I’m going to get one. It’ll be the best tax write-off we’ve ever purchased.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface

  1. Hi. The Surface would be great in school libraries and classrooms, don’t you think? They are too pricey for most school budgets, though.

    Have you seen the HP Touch Smart computer? It has many of the same capabilities as the Surface, but it costs about $1,500.00. Of course, it is much smaller!


  2. It would be great for schools and libraries. I haven’t heard of the HP computer, as I try to stay away from anything HP. I’m assuming it’s like a tablet PC? Or it is that big screen one like Sony’s?

    I’m all for touch screen anything, but I do worry about how the kids will abuse something like that.


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