MUSIC: Kanye West’s Graduation

Kanye West’s new release Graduation is in stores now.
Graduation [Explicit Version]
I gotta say, this is even better than anything else West has put out. Considering I think The College Dropout, which I listen to probably daily, is better than Late Registration, that’s saying a lot. The only song on Graduation that annoys me is I Wonder. The College Dropout has like 5 songs I refuse to listen to, plus all those annoying “skits”. Why do people put skits on their records. It was fun and cool when De La Soul did it, but it’s just passé now.

At any rate, I’m not going to review the entire album. Suffice it to say, West is amazingly ironic on this record and it’s not entirely clear he’s aware of it. Which just makes it even more endearing, if that makes sense. Just check it out and buy it.


2 thoughts on “MUSIC: Kanye West’s Graduation

  1. Is this you? You better not be spammin’ me! ;P

    I checked out the site. I hate sites that just play music without a blatant way of turning it off. So, I checked out the myspace page. Pretty good stuff. I don’t think he sounds like West either, but damn it’s good. I don’t like all the R&B stuff, seems The Roots is the only group really able to pull that off. Still, I’ll check out more.


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