The Bag

Don’t you ever just get tired of your friends? Just so sick and tired of hearing the same stories over and over again? Or even worse, when you see a friend and they tell you a story, then tell you the same exact story two days later even after you say, “I remember you telling me that 2 days ago.” Ugh. All my life, this…phenomenon has annoyed me. There are people I’ve stop talking to because that’s how they are. I had a neighbor who was (is) like this. Nothing original to say, just the same stupid (and not funny) stories over and over and over again. Quit yer yappin’. Got nothing to say? Silence is perfectly okay.
The Bag

The lyrics:

Endless evenings of non-exist
Are getting shorter, monotonous
Like an intruder, I belong outside
Although I find myself right back
The same place I was before
Saying things I’d say once more
There’s no reason for me to be here, no
I feel so lonesome, surrounded by friends
Who are talking at me,
saying things I could care less about
This dialogue is without
Worth, content, significance
Conversational ambivalence
Hear the same things every night, it just ain’t right
Who’ll be left holding the bag?

Give me something I can’t sink my teeth into
Show me a time, tell me a story
I haven’t heard a million times before
I pass out from boredom
As I watch the people pass
I see moments in their lives, nothing fascinating
Are we all living for the past, never realizing
We’re clinging to an empty bag

Lacking content, significance
Conversational ambivalence
Hear the same things every night, it just ain’t right
We’ll see who’s left holding the bag

When I was in college, I heard this song. It was like, “Wow…someone gets it!” The group of losers I hung out with were so offended that I like this song. It was, “So what are you saying?” Um. I’m saying I like the song, but while we’re at it, why don’t you stop telling the same stupid story over and over again.” Or the “If you don’t like it, why don’t you find new friends.” As if I considered those people friends in the first place. Of course, when I did start hanging with different people, people who did more than get high and quote Pulp Fiction or The Simpsons, they got offended. Again. Like I said, they were losers.

All this is just why my general friendships don’t, can’t last more than 4 or 5 years. I get tired of people so quickly. Especially if they really have nothing to offer a friendship. If I can’t learn from them, they’re useless to me. I’m not talking purely intellectual pursuits. I’d like to have friends who have hobbies that are fun and interesting. Drinking, smoking and video games are not hobbies. Besides, I can get that from my husband. KWIM? I mean, I know these people who talk shit and roll their cynical eyes at my excitement over something, only to have them get into it years later. What the shit is that?

Or how about those people who (mis)hear something on TV and somehow that makes them an expert on the subject. And they go on and on, sounding like the idiots they clearly are. I usually let them ramble on, only interjecting when they’re spouting a dangerous lie. We know this one person who’s like that. Just goes on and on like they know shit. 90% of the time, I just laugh at them in the car on the way home, but sometimes I just can’t keep my big mouth shut. I’ll usually try to slow the lies and give some general background and explain the facts. Now, I’m not like, “I heard this and…”, I won’t talk unless I know what I’m talking about. Who wants to sound like an idiot, right? So I won’t speak up unless I know what I’m saying is a fact. Usually, I’ll say, “I read an article in the LA Times about this and…but in the Washington Post their article stated. Or even the Chicago Tribune…” Get what I mean? Anything I say is verifiable (instantly, since we have the internet accessible) and more substantial than, “I heard…”. Know what the general response is? “Well, I don’t know about that.” WHAT? Clearly you don’t or you wouldn’t sound like an idiot right now. GRRRRRR

What I don’t know anything about; general pop culture, celebrity gossip and similar bullshit that isn’t going to help me in my life is the typical topic of conversation. I get that gossip supposedly helps people build better friendships, but damn yo, it bores me. Why should get invested in the person life of someone I’ve never met and never will meet, when I can barely stay in touch with the friends I do have (and like)? This is my reasoning behind not watching award shows. Those shows aren’t for us. They’re for them. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be private parties and you wouldn’t have to sit through the stammering speech of some nitwit thanking Marcy Thompson and Kevin Rivenburg, like you know who those people are. Some people say they watch for the performances. That’s nice, but those are just fancy auditions and networking shows.

But that’s a rant that completely went of course…This isn’t to say that I’m the most interesting, vivacious and sparkling personality in the world. I know that the topics (politics and gardening immediately come to mind) I am interested in talking about bore the hell out of most of the people I know. It’s probably just the ignorance, like me with pop culture. That’s why I don’t, or at least try not to, talk about them with these people. But what I find, is that because of all of the above, I don’t share a lot more with people I know. Which is why it bugs me to no end when someone thinks they know me. We know this one person who just thinks she has such wonderful insight into our lives. Keep in mind, that we only willingly talk to this person maybe 3 times a year. Otherwise, we both think she’s a horrible waste of time and energy. But those few times we see her, there she is running her mouth like she knows shit.

Damn…I went off again. This is all just to say how disenchanted I am. It’s weird though, when I sorta start getting over my current crop of friends, I become withdrawn. I write a lot more. I reconnect with my long time friends (yes, despite the above, I do have quite a few friends I’ve known longer than 10 years) and then I get a bug up my ass about a new hobby and meet all new friends…who I’ll dump in 5 years. LOL!