Kaboom NeverScrub!

I got the Kaboom NeverScrub! via free offer on MyPoints. It came really fast, like in 2 days. Unfortunately, the item can’t possibly work with my toilet. The website says:

The new Kaboom NeverScrub! attaches easily out of sight within your toilet tank and provides powerful stain cleaning continuously for up to 3 months.

First off it clips to the back of the toilet. That would fine, but my toilet is pretty much adhered to the wall. Secondly, the tube that hooks up to one side is okay, but the tube to the refill valve won’t reach. If I, somehow, managed to clip it on the back of my toilet, the tube will overshoot the refill valve. It’s my opinion that they only used Kohler toilets to come up with this thing. Such a shame as I detest cleaning the toilet.

So…who wants a free Kaboom NeverScrub!? You pay shipping.