Goin’ to the Fair

Yep, I’m so excited that we’re going to the Fair today. We’ll be heading out this afternoon and plan to spend the evening there. We haven’t been to the fair since Ilia was 1. That was a horrid trip. She cried the last half hour we were there. I mean, from the moment she started crying until we finally got into the car. Ugh. Then, Alton came along but I didn’t think she was ready to walk the entire campus. Now that she’s a bit older, I thought it would be nice to go on a weeknight, avoiding those weekend crowds. It’s still up in the air if Adrian and Alton are going. If they are, I think I’m just going to rent a double stroller.

At any rate, this year promises to be interesting. There’s a schedule for each day on the website. Can you believe the Milking Parlor starts at 1:30AM? I found out that Kiyoshi Graves is playing today. Now I’ve gotta remember how I found out about this guy back in July. And since we have some serious water issues here in Los Angeles (thank you Mayor Villaraigosa for NOT urging the denizens of Los Angeles to save water) due to lack of rain, I’m very interested in learning new ways to save water. I’ll definitely check out the EcoNow section of the fair, though I doubt the people I’m attending with will care to stay too long. Speaking of wasting water, kidding, AT&T will have a Winter Wonderland where it will snow every half hour. I was trying to explain to Ilia this morning that she needed to wear jeans because I know she’ll want to play in the snow. Princess Ilia insisted for a while that she wear a skirt. She’s in jeans, BTW.

So that’s our afternoon planned. This morning I plan on sending my daily email and voicemails to the client who hasn’t paid us for work completed in Sept., Dec., or Jan. That means, they haven’t paid us a damn dime for any work we’ve done for them, ever.