Hey! Ignorance is really bliss

For the last three days, I’ve been seeing/scanning comments, diaries and blog posts about MoveOn, an ad and Gen. Petraeus. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that MoveOn took out an ad on Gen. Petraeus. Now here’s what’s funny, I’m sure there is a post or diary that links to the ad, but I’m completely in the dark about this thing. So, I read titles like, “MoveOn Stepped Over the Line” or “The Ad Was Right” and I’m blissfully unaware of this drama unfolding on DailyKos. It must be pretty big for 3 days of hand-wringing and whining (granted some of those people can beat a dead horse’s great-great grandkids forever), but I simply don’t give a fuck.


One thought on “Hey! Ignorance is really bliss

  1. Well, you are missing out on some even heavier drama.

    The right wing bloggers seized on a New York Post article claiming that MoveOn paid only $65,000 for their full page ad in the New York Times while the retail rate is $167,000

    Now Giuliani is demanding the “MoveOn” rate in addition to Freedom’sWatch/org (mouthpiece for Bush)

    Problem is, no one did any investigative journalism. The charge is that MoveOn are a bunch of liberal extremists who got a discount from the liberal rag the New York Times.

    If anyone would have bothered to do some fact checking they would have come to realize that rates vary depending on date, time , color, black and white, ad placement, and whether or not an ad is advocacy or not.


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