Millie Jackson

I’m learning that not many people know who Millie Jackson is. Damn shame, as I remember listening to my parents listening to Millie Jackson when I was a kid. She was like a nasty Gladys Knight. They both sound a lot alike, but Ms. Jackson shares with us the raunchy and more painful side of love.

Anyway, she has a record, Caught Up/Still Caught Up, that I received for my birthday about 5 or 6 years ago. The album is basically a soap opera about a woman being cheated on (the Caught Up side) and the other woman (the Still Caught Up side). I listened to it a lot and I actually wound up breaking the CD a few months ago, so I do need to go buy another copy. Because of that, I find myself thinking back to the CD like an old friend that I miss (yes, there are few of those). But what I want to share is on the Caught Up side, between songs 3 and 4. It goes something like:

Other Woman: Ms. Jody!
Ms. Jody: Yeah?
OT: I know you don’t me, but since I’ve been going with your husband for the last past year and a half–
Ms. Jody: Goin’ with my husb-!?
OT: I guess that would sorta like make us wives-in-laws, knowwhatimean?
Ms. Jody:wives-in-laws”?! Are you crazy? What the hell are you talkin’ about ?!?!?


She said, “wives-in-laws”. Could you imagine someone runnin’ up on you like that?