Our neighbors changed their garage to be a back house. It was like that when we moved in and it didn’t bother me. Until last week. Last week, they decided to add a window on the garage. A window that is 14″ from my backyard. Now, I feel like they’re watching me whenever I’m back there. I have plants along that side of the yard and need to trim/prune and water them every 2 days. I feel like a voyeur. To make it even worse, now when we’re in the backyard, we can hear them yelling in the garage AND their TV was blasting yesterday.

My plan is to pull one of the cape honeysuckles from along my garage and plant it right in front of their window. Right now, it it’s about 7′ tall and maybe 5′ or 6′ wide. I was thinking of letting it go a little longer and then pruning it into a tree like shape. The downside is that this means, I’ll have to move my Mexican feather grass and blackberry plants and I have no idea what will be a good place for them as they both need full sun. Perhaps the front yard?

I could talk to them, but with winter coming up, I know we’ll spend less time back there. We were talking about putting in some bamboo panel fencing, but that’s really pricey for the kind we want.

Or, I could go my other route and put up the curtains around the perimeter I was thinking about. The neighbors in the back have an exceedingly whiny little brat for a kid and he will literally just sit back there and watch us for hours. It’s freaky. I put a wisteria right where he usually sits and I’m just praying for the bamboo over there to grow big this winter.