I’m hooked. Last week, we went to the beach and our friends were talking about the show. Adrian decided to find a copy and started watching them. I walked in one like the 12th episode of the first season and was hooked. We’ve been watching 3 – 6 episodes a night for the past week. Last Friday, we stayed up until 4am watching this show. Damn. I almost feel bad for missing out these past few years. Now, I’m trying to get back story, by watching those first few episodes I missed.

The show, though, is a serious head game. I had some freaky dreams involving the show, Sudoku and Carrion Comfort. The other night, I had a dream that the button sounded like alarm clocks and all the alarm clocks on the island would go off every 4 minutes. I pressed my snooze alarm for 90 min., completely oversleeping.

Now that we’re into the show, we keep trying to figure out the puzzle. If it is a puzzle. The thing that sucks is that we still need to finish season 2 and start season 3. We found out that season 4 isn’t going to start until Feb. ’08, so we got time. Our main goal now is to avoid spoilers. Considering the internet, that’s pretty funny and difficult. Just reading the cast list on IMDB, you can see who dies and such.

What we do find amusing are the fan pages devoted to the site and we found this hilarious write-up in Spin.com. There’s a wiki (actually, there’s two), sites devoted to the plane crash “victims”, and all kinds of other sites out there focusing specifically on characters or peripherals in the show.

As soon as I finish here, I’m going to head to the sofa to watch a few episodes before the kids get home. I really want to know what that thing is. Where did Desmond go? What happened to Russo? Why do they keep letting people just run away? How did that brand new washer/dryer set get there? And WTF with the polar bear?

No…don’t tell me!