LA County Fair 2007

As noted previously, we went to the LA County Fair. The Fair ends on the 30th, so there is still time to visit and I highly suggest you go. We went on a Thursday afternoon and it was pure, uncrowded bliss.


Just to note, everything I mentioned in my previous post, we visited. We started the day off by paying $25 for valet parking. Considering how broke we are, that probably wasn’t fiscally brilliant, but by the end of the day, it was totally worth it.

We met our friends Lisa and Poppy there and immediately grabbed some food. BBQ. Curse those BBQ places. They smell so good, that you kinda don’t want anything else. So we wolfed that down and took off the Winter Wonderland. I gotta tell ya, that’s disturbing. It seriously looked like Christmas threw-up in an exhibit hall. I’ve always wondered about the type of person who’d purchase a sweater with a basset hound in a Santa hat embroidered on it. I think I can safely say that that person is a middle-aged white woman with bad skin and a fat ass.

Snow at the fair

Here is the ice skating rink.

Off to the left behind the trees was a box of “snow”. Now the snow was pretty much ice. The box was about 2′ off the ground and let’s say about 40′ x 15′. There were easily 50 kids on there. Slipping around on the ice snow. Dangerous. Even more disturbing, were the little brats that were actually trying to have a snowball fight. When Ilia and I got to the box, a large hunk of space debris flew at my head. If I had cocked my head a little to the right, it would have knocked my glasses off. Geez, you’d think their parents would suggest they be careful. Oh wait, this is LA and parenting is so passe.

Behind the rink, you can see the toboggan run. That looked pretty cool, but the line was too damn long. Over on that side, it “snowed” every half hour. Some gross pervy type guy was hanging around the snow box and decided to hit on Poppy. He was like, “Hey aren’t you that Olympic ice skater?” and she said “Yes.”. Funny.

Poppy decided she needed some farm-fresh milk, so we went to visit our food sources. I don’t care how cute, furry, feathery or cuddly they look, when I get to the ag section of the fair, I just want a steak, some roasted duck, chicken skewers and maybe some lamb chops and goat cheese. Food.

Furry legged chicken

This chicken has way too many feathers on it’s legs. I’m sure there’s a reason it’s bred like that, but then I think of breaded chicken breasts.


My future steak dinner.



They had a little Charlotte’s Web set up there too. It was actually kinda of cute and reminded me I must by that book for the kids. There were other animals, small and large. The baby goats were ridiculously cute and the strangest animal there was the watusi. I’m still unclear as to why they were included in the fair. There was a bug section, that freaked me out because I had no idea millipedes were like 6″ long and 1/2″ wide. Freaky.

Anyway, then we headed over the EcoNow section. Pretty interesting and like so much of the half-assed green bandwagon jumpers, quite disappointing. I think LA County and the Fairplex could have done something impressive and gone green with the fair. Not just recycling, but requiring vendors to use biodegradable or reusable items, using solar power, and offering eco-tips in various areas of the fair. But that’s just me.

Toyota was there with it’s Prius.

Alton in car

I still hate Prius drivers…except for Al Gore III, he actually drove his faster than 50 mph.

House of trash

Here’s a house that shows what the average family of 4 tosses in a year. It was interesting, predictable and somehow off-base, but those things always are. I did find it interesting because my family of 4 seems to generate a ton of trash a week. In our old place, it seemed we would take out the trash 4 – 6 times a day. Now that we live in this house and can recycle and compost a lot of stuff, our trash is drastically reduced. Of course, we’re also not tossing old stuff and unpacking new. It also helps that the baby is reducing the number of diapers he goes through and since he’s not home during the day the number drops more.

Environmental tips

Uh-oh…don’t tell that to those SUV hybrid people…especially the single ones who don’t really need all that cargo space.

Next, we headed over to the wine garden. Wowsers! They put a patio out front with padded chairs and such. Nice. We sat under the bungee tower and watch girl after girl jump from the platform. The wine garden is attached to the Gardens and this year’s theme was Tuscany. I don’t have pics of that for two reasons, 1) the ones I tried to take came our blurry and 2) so many of those plants are serious water wasters.

One of the only reasons to attend any county fair is to eat fair food. I mean, fair food is like one of the major food groups and thus extremely important to the diet of the American people. I seriously regret not getting a turkey leg. I regret it so much, that I’m thinking of maybe going to the fair tonight or tomorrow morning.

As you well know, there’s a trend at the fair to fry the living hell out of anything edible (if it can be put on a stick, it’s like the triple word score of fair food). It started with “deep-fried ice cream” (Ice cream with corn flakes), and that became deep-friend Twinkies and deep-friend Snickers. Then there was double deep-fried Twinkies and I knew people have lost their damn minds.

Food booth

See…there’s even deep-fried corn on the cob. I also saw deep-fried asparagus on a stick. But the big thing this year was deep-friend Coke.

Fried everything

What it is, is Coke syrup mixed into waffly-crepe type batter, cooked, then crunched up. They stick that in a Coke cup, top it off with whipped cream and a cherry and you’re $7 lighter. People were buying that crap up.

We wound up staying until 10pm, and somehow completely missed the fireworks. We did see a ton of rides, there’s even a water ride there. I don’t know how I missed this all this year, but the big Ferris wheel has gondolas that look to seat 8 people. Wow. That thing was HUGE. Ilia really want to go on some rides, but neither of us like going on fair rides, nor could we justify the ridiculous costs of the rides, so we just looked and told her that when she’s older.

You can check out more photos here, but they’re not all that impressive.