Grand Ave. Festival

Oy. We arrived around 2:15pm for this thing. Is it me, or was it completely less crowded than last year? I’m not to sure about the blocking off of streets with nothing to do on them. Last year, the booths were on the street, so it looked more festival-y. This year, most of the booths were moved into the courtyards of the buildings. This had the negative effect of making the festival seem unattended. Granted when you entered the courtyards, you saw that there were more people than you thought. Still, it was a good festival and even Adrian got so excited that he wants to sell the house and move into a specific apt. bldg. down there. That’s not happening.

Anyway, we didn’t really get to do much. We went to the Colburn school for the ballet exhibition, but Ilia wanted to go, so we left. We did go eat. The Taste of Downtown. Restaurants that are downtown had booths. Probably the only festival where you can get coconut key lime pie (yuck!), grilled eggplant skewers or croque monsieur.


I got a brisket sandwich from the Spring Street Smokehouse booth. Not at all impressive. I’d probably eat there again just because Zeke’s is too far, but really…we need some decent BBQ joints in LA. This is ridiculous. Then again, it seems that few people in SoCal have ever had real and good BBQ, so they’d probably think the food is awesome! But, I’ll give it another try. I can’t possibly go back to the Barn


I also got a chicken skewer from the Ciudad booth. It was served on a bed of rice with some green sauce and tomatoes. It was yummy. I mean insanely delicious and doubly so considering it was from a booth. Definitely a place I’ll go back to try.

We wound up watching the drum circle for a bit and it was cool seeing people from the drum circles from back in the day and new people had I met at drum circles a few years ago. From there we went to the Pinot grill and had drinks. That was nice.

On the way back to the car, we stopped at the Raj Mahal and watched the Aztec dancers in the courtyard.


Okay, this was weird. I had leaned over to Adrian and said, “Doesn’t it seem weird to see Aztec dancers in the courtyard of a Catholic church?” He agreed and we stared. Then toward the end of it though, one of the people came out with this banner that had something on it about the queen and then I noticed the HUGE Virgin of Guadalupe poster.


Within 3 min. These dancers started bowing to the poster. Say what? I know that I didn’t pay that much attention to Catholic history in school, but I know that the Aztecs did not worship the Virgin…at least not until the Spaniards had killed most of them and forced the religion on the region (and these people say that Islam is violent.) At that point, it just got strange, uncomfortably so, so we jetted.