Ilia in ballet

I signed Ilia up for tap/ballet class at the Y–ch-ching. I wish I had taken a picture. She was so cute in her little leotard. The thing was, she had no idea she was taking the class. On Tues., we picked her up from school early, so we could go buy the gear–ch-ching. When we got to the dance shop, she was thrilled when she learned she was getting ballet slippers (stupid me, forgot to buy her tap shoes–ch-ching!). Afterwards, we went to eat and then headed over to the Y. I changed her in the locker room, which she thought was the coolest place. Then on up to the class. When she saw all the little kids in there she started shaking with excitement.

Ms. Donna, her teacher, said she did well. When we got home, she didn’t want to take her ballet stuff off. She told me that when the kids switched to their tap shoes, they had had little bags and she wanted one–ch-ching. I told her she can use her turtle backpack instead. She finally took off her gear and put everything in the backpack. Yesterday, she wanted to see her gear and hold her backpack. And since Tues. evening she asks if she’s going to ballet tomorrow, even though her calendar shows her that she’s not.

Anyway, I learned that there’s a recital at the end of the class on Oct. 30th and I need to get her a Princess Jasmine/harem girl outfit–ch-ching, for the recital.