Bad mommy

Wanna know what’s not a kid-friendly movie? Elizabeth.

Maybe it was the cold or the fact that I hadn’t seen the movie for awhile, but I popped it in last night while the little girl was cuddling on the bed with her sick mama. Ugh. It opens with people getting burned alive! I tried to get to leave the room as I couldn’t find the controller (not a typo, I was watching it on the PS2). Then she wanted to know why they were being burned. I’m such an idiot:

Girl: Why does those people getting burned?
Me: Because they’re Protestants.
Girl: What the heck is a Protestant.
Me: Uh…not a Catholic?
Girl: What’s a Catholic?
Me: Someone who believe the Pope is divine and…um…something about the Virgin.
(meanwhile, I’m thinking, “Why the hell am I having this conversation?” and I’m trying to keep it simple.)
Girl: Are they bad?
Me: Who?
Girl: The Mathlics and the Potants?
Me: (stupidly) Well, they don’t like each other. Catholics have done some pretty bad things to people because of religion and Protestants have been bad to. Mary is the Queen and she’s Catholic, she doesn’t want the Protestants to rise up against her…or something
Girl: What’s religion?
Me: [sigh] It’s a belief system of people. Some people believe in God, some don’t. Some believe in many Gods.
Girl: Oh. Church. Oh. Alibaba! Mars!
Me: Uh-uh…um, you may want to look away, there’s gonna be heads on sticks.

I suck at this. I should have put her to bed or turned off the TV, but no, she stayed up until Elizabeth was crowned.