Besides duct tape….

How do you cure the 4-yr. of saying, “I want…”

It’s killing me. I told her she has to ask politely, “Mama/Daddy, can I have…?” The only problem is that she wants everything. She’ll ask for something just because Alton has it. She wants to go to the zoo, she wants to go ice skating, she wants candy, she wants a Popsicle. And the thing that kills me is that she never wants anything healthy. Except sushi. That’s another annoyance, “I don’t want to eat pasta, I want sushi!” What normal 4-yr. old asks, no, begs for sushi? That ain’t right and it ain’t cheap. We figured if we went to get sushi when she’s at school, we can save almost $50 off out bill. Ridiculous.