My ballerina

Ballerina Ilia

I’m biased, so of course I think she’s freakin’ adorable, no matter how much I detest pink and feel like a stereotype even putting her in ballet.

Naturally, there’s a parent there I’d prefer would just go away. This woman not only talks and talks and talks, but she’s loud. Now, I know that I talk a lot and I know that can get loud, but damn! Last week, just to get away from her I walked down the hallway toward the front door. I could still hear her! This week, I brought my mp3 player. Sweet Talib Kweli on a stick, that wasn’t even enough! I had that thing blasting to the point where I know I damaged my eardrums and I COULD STILL HEAR HER!

We got two more classes and the recital. I don’t think I can take it. I’m going to have to go work out during the class. Maybe hop on a treadmill or something.