Speaking of clients who can’t pay

I’m really, really, really ’bout done with fools who insist on rush jobs, but can’t possibly be bothered to pay us. One client hasn’t had much work this year. We’ve had 15 jobs from them so far this year. Last year, we were getting about 15 jobs per month from them. Thanks to a major cellphone carrier’s internal reorganization, the way work is distributed has changed and drastically affected several companies (notably, 90% of our clients). But I don’t care! I want my money. So far, they’ve paid us for 4 whole jobs. What makes it more insulting is that those jobs were actually completed in Nov. and Dec. of 2006.

Lately though, what’s really gotten me is the rush jobs. See, we charge $150 for jobs to be completed withing 48 business hours. Yeah, these fuckers tried the whole, “Let’s send it in at 4pm on Friday and expect it by 10am on Monday” thing. So, they complain about the rush fee and the bossman says to not charge them. Sucker. So now they want everything rush and not be charged. See? Now, who’s the chump. Still doesn’t change the fact that they owe us a pretty penny and what they’ve paid us so far this year, doesn’t even cover daycare for a month.

A couple of weeks ago, I call up baby girl and say, “Look, this is silly. We just got a rush job and you guys haven’t paid us since January. That means all the other rush jobs we’ve done haven’t been paid.” She says, “Sorry. No money, but I’ll try to get a check out by the end of the month.” Yippee! Now, my optimistic ass assumed she meant for all the work we did. Nope. they paid us for two jobs. That was it. Hold on. To make it worse, one was for a cheap job (corrections) and another was a full price site completed in Jan.

The same damn day we got that check, wouldn’t you know it? Rush job. Then they sent over another job and the guy is breathing down our neck asking for the project. I’m keep telling the Mr. “They can get the job when we get our money.” But he’s too nice or think it’s “sound business” to operate with no cash.