‘Tis the season…

If you’re a female and your idea of a creative costume for Halloween is “sexy [noun]”, you’re an idiot.

If you can look back at every single Halloween costumes from HS on to today and it was “sexy- something” or a baby AND you’re over 30, well you’re just a sad, sad, sad person. AND you’re still an idiot.

I miss the days of seeing interesting costumes. Sexy Pirate? Yeah, you and 500 other overweight floozies who think this is a sure chance to get laid. Sexy Nurse? Yawn. That was probably cool until 1974. Sexy Policewoman? Right. You’re not a whore. Sexy Angel? That just screams “toilet paper”.

I’m just saying…try to do something interesting and that most certainly does not include you dressing up as Frodo while your S.O is Gandalf.