Sitemeter Stats

I have Sitemeter on my page. I guess it’s supposed to tell me how many people look at my blog, but who cares about that? I’m interested in how people arrive to my blog. No small wonder the amount of time spent on pages is so low. The shit people look up and somehow arrive to my blog is pretty funny.

The top searches that dump people on my blog are “delivery pics” and “labor pics”. No shocker there. First time mamas crave details that their friends and family magically neglect to give them. I used to get a lot of hits from people look for gay porn. “faboo” is like some gay porn word in South America judging from the sitemeter stats.

Another popular search the last 2 months is “sean kingston sucks”. I used to be the #1 hit on that arrangement of words. Not any more. It’s pretty funny to me that people are actually looking up “sean kingston sucks” instead of just his name.

Naturally, I get hits from from blogs that have me blogrolled or from blogs that I comment on. I’ve noticed that the more I piss off people at DailyKos, the more frequently they’ll hit on my UID to check up on me.

The two searches in the top 100 that just tickle me are “yo v.i.p, let kick it” and “coolburst tylenol“. How random is that? There’s also links of people who are searching for gaming info, and they stumble across my site. I feel bad for them, because I know how much it sucks to be playing a game and needing info and only finding crap posts like mine. Not gonna stop me from talking about my games, though.

Now I’m wondering if there was a way I could create a blog post just using the search words. That would be interesting.