Speaking of David Hasselhoff

I’m going somewhere with this. See, watching the Ricky Martin videos my husband said, “Do you think that Ricky Martin is like this generation’s David Hasselhoff?” I said no because even though Hasselhoff is probably old enough to be Martin’s granddaddy, Martin has a longer career. Unfortunately, this lead to my husband searching for it and sharing with me the details of David Hasselhoff’s website. Yes. The Hofficial website.

If you were dumb and curious like me, you probably clicked that link and instantly regretted it. Though you’re probably laughing a lot with tears running down your eyes. I know. My reaction too. For you others, well, if I had to look at this, then you have to look at it:
If you’re still feeling masochistic, you can hit up the Hofficial David Hasselhoff store and buy other tees with oh-so-clever statments like “A Lot to Hoffer”, “Take it Off for the Hoff” or, God help me, “What Would The Hoff Do?”. And even though my birthday is coming up, no I do NOT want one.