Fire Season

I hope that everyone affected by the fires in SoCal stay safe. I’m safe. I’m in Los Angeles and there is nothing but orange skies. The closest fires are 30 and 60 miles away from me. The other day was kinda of weird. I went outside and notice the ground was reflecting orange light. To the southeast, this is my view:
South skies show a different story

But just turning my head to the northeast, I see this:
Clear blue skies to the north

That’s how the sky’s been looking for the past 3 days. We got some ash and it smells like smoke, though I’m not sure how it smells like smoke. Considering the overly dramatic amount of coverage these fires have generated, I’m not even going to into detail. I’m chagrined that, once again, there are vocal morons who take it upon themselves to denounce people living in an area that is prone to [insert your natural disaster], unless of course it affect them. I’m wondering if any of the people affected by the fire, second-guessed the living option of people affected by Katrina or Rita. I heard that some right-wing mouthbreather actually went off about how it’s not natural to live in the desert, even though most of the places burning are closer to the beach or smack in the middle of the Mediterranean climate. Some other guy was saying that if there was mass transit and better urban planning there’d be no problem, that we should rebuild SoCal like Chicago. Considering the places burning are, for the most part, pretty rural I fail to see the connection. He called me obtuse. I’m obtuse because spots of SoCal burned so he thinks the entire region needs to be rebuilt? Okay.

Judgemental people do need to get over themselves. We have fire season. Oct. – Dec. stuff burns. Some of that stuff needs to burn in order to germinate. It’s called chaparral. Deal with it. Just like the south and east have hurricane season, Asia has monsoon season…I mean, it’s nature. Shit happens. But there’s no such thing as earthquake season. Those people who believe that are on par with flat-earthers and people who don’t believe in evolution.