Iron Chef Kos Wednesdays

For awhile, Lunkhead had great series going on Daily Kos s/he entitled Iron Chef Kos Wednesdays. While sometimes, the ingredient options left much to be desired (zucchini? GAG!), it was still great fun and I like looking at all the recipes. Of course there are those ingredients where people can only make like two things (check the mint diary) and I told Lunkhead yesterday that I’m positive that every part of the pig has been offered up, already.

On of my favorite things about ICKW was drchelo’s offerings. For the longest time, she’d toss up a recipe that had nothing to do with the ingredient of the day. That always killed me and I looked forward to her non sequitor recipes. That stopped when someone (I think it was me) pointed out to her that her recipe had nothing to do with with the item–I believe she gave a tomato recipe on a fish day.

Still, I had thought that I was busy working and just missed the ICKW diaries. After two weeks, I looked it up and saw the last one was on Aug. 22nd, with a Pirate one tossed in on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

So, with this post, I entreat Lunkhead to bring back ICKW even though s/he thinks s/he ran out of options.