Space history is made

Today, Harmony–a new living area, carried by Discovery to the International Space Station is to be attached. Not only was this the beginning of an historic spacewalk, but it was the first time two female commanders met in space.

The shuttle launched from Cape Canaveral on Tuesday and linked up with the space station Thursday. It was the first time two female commanders met in space: Retired Air Force Col. Pamela Melroy is commander of Discovery, while Peggy Whitson is the station’s skipper.

That’s pretty neat. Col. Melroy has an impressive resume, and in addition to be a test pilot, also hopes to be one of the next astronauts on the moon when NASA does in next lunar landing. Peggy Whitson PhD. also has a kickass resume if the number of initials in it is any indication. But check out her Wikipedia bio and you can see all the Mission patches she’s accrued. Her first space mission, she stayed aboard the ISS. Cool!

Congratulations ladies and great job being wonderful role models to millions of little girls around the world.