Why Bill Maher is an idiot

Among all my various reasons why the troll that Progressives love in a complete nincompoop, this is one kinda bundles it up:

But in DeGeneres’ case, along with the strong support from fans and many dog lovers, she also endured some criticism and mockery, especially from fellow comic Bill Maher.

Maher decided to respond on behalf of an entire gender: The opposite one.

“At this moment when the entire nation is saying, ‘Hmm, can we have a woman president? Maybe they’re too emotional,’ I don’t think this is helping,” Maher said on his talk show.

Got that? Ellen DeGeneres cries on TV, therefore women [in general] are too emotional to be president. That’s Maher Logic. This, is so typical of media gnats like this. One person from one group does something and the entire group is given a label. Oh, except for white males. Just because one starts “preemptive wars” for no good reason, is a serial killer, or is a walking bag of fromunda doesn’t mean they all are…right?

New Rule: Sexist assholes can no longer pretend to actually know shit.