faBOO at the Zoo

Today was the first day of Boo at the Zoo at the Los Angeles Zoo. As usual, it was filled with parents and their poorly raised children. Ha! Seriously, though it wasn’t as bad as it has been the last few years.

Poor Alton was so tired since he didn’t get a nap. He had to sleep trick or treat!
Sleeping baby

Ilia was a doctor. 95% of all the other little girls were some Disney character or princess. Oddly enough, most of the black girls were Dorothy or a pirate. That was weird. She didn’t want to wear her doctor costume, but I wasn’t about to have her walking outside the house in that Jasmine costume I got her.
Me and Ilia at the Pumpkin Patch

She got a couple of compliments from moms of princesses, “See, look at the doctor! She’s not a princess!” and I overheard more than a few moms mention to their little girls that the didn’t have to be princesses. Lame. If you don’t like the princess costume, um…don’t buy it. What’s she gonna do? Use her non-existent allowance to buy it behind your back?
Ilia and Alton at the Pumpkin Patch

Anyway, the little boys were either a superhero or some TV character. Whatever happened to originality? At least it wasn’t another Harry Potter pukefest.
Ilia and Daddy at the Pumpkin Patch
Don’t ask me about Adrian’s pose.

Alton finally woke up, so we put his costume on him. Funny, once I got him out, we both turned to see another little kid in a giraffe costume! Too funny. Well, this time he was okay with wearing his costume and since we were over next to the giraffes, I got a pic.
Dr. Giggles and the Giraffe

We walked around the zoo a bit more and both of them just loved seeing all the kids in the costumes. They’d be walking, then just stop to stare. We saw one little kid dressed as a spaceship and that was probably the coolest costume we saw. A lot of adults got into the spirit too, so that made Ilia understand that big people dress up too.

So, I guess we’ll be back next year, ’cause it’s not like we’ve missed a year since Ilia was born.
California Condor Babies