My Toddler This Week

I get these weekly emails from Baby Center entitled My Toddler This Week. I’ve been getting them since Ilia was born, but some time after I had Alton, her’s stop coming and I only get his. Ideally, this would be a good tool. However, from week to week somethings just don’t change. The one I got this week is the same exact one I’ve received for the past two weeks.

Your toddler can probably hum and sing songs such as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and make three-word sentences like “Cup fall down.” She can probably follow a two-part request, like “Come here and turn around so I can comb your hair.” Many kids this age also have fun identifying opposites like tall man, short man, or big block, little block. But if your toddler isn’t doing all these things, don’t worry. Children learn to speak at different rates, and your child may still be working her way up to this stage.

goodness it says not to worry. Alton definitely hums and can sing a couple of words of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, but sentences? Nope. He mimics Ilia sometimes, but rarely comes up with 3 word sentences of his own. That’s not to say he’s not talking (this is a kid whose first words were “ARRRRGGH!”), but he seems to more focused on perfecting a new word before going on to other ones. His word of the moment is ‘more’ and he says it clearly. Last week’s word was ‘apple’ (which is anything roundish and edible). Usually, he just grunts at me and we’re so used to Ilia talking, that we’ve sorta forgotten to teach him how to talk. So, now I usually suggest for him to use his words. The thing is, that he understands a lot more than we give him credit for and to us, he’s still a baby, not a toddler. I guess this means, we’ll have two talking babies around here.

Where’s the Advil?


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  1. I sure didn’t. I refreshed the page and it was there. Looks like someone got into my account. I asked for help on the Blogger website, but so far no response. Shocker there.


  2. That sucks!
    Blogger definitely isn’t the most helpful. Actually, I can’t think of anyone less helpful than they are.
    I didn’t know you and Alton have the same b’day. How cool is that!


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