Blogger bitch

I’ve been thinking of moving my blog to someplace else. Anywhere else. Blogger is always down for maintenance, my ID got stolen the other day and the tags, the main point of this entry, just drive me nuts.

When Blogger added taggability to this interface I thought it was pretty cool. Now, I’m not so sure. I like the autocomplete, but I shouldn’t have to try to trick it to make it take my options. For example, for my previous entry, I just wanted the word ‘candidates’ as a tag. I tried putting it in, but it autocompleted to ‘democratic candidates’. If I type the whole word ‘candidates’, it doesn’t matter, ‘democratic candidates’ will go in. Then, I’ll have to either make up a new tag that won’t autocomplete (like I did with ‘republican candidates’) or I’ll have drop down to the tag box, delete the word ‘democratic’ and then enter.

I’m really kinda done with this interface.


3 thoughts on “Blogger bitch

  1. I know a lot of Yahoo 360 people are moving to I would have recommended 360 until up to a month ago — it’s gone to h3!! in a handbasket & Yahoo isn’t going to fix anything while they create the new “service” (which will take months, according to Yahoo itself). I’m going to see what Google comes up with when they re-introduce Orkut in a couple of weeks, but if I’m not thrilled I might see if I can pull some people over to Multiply too.

    You did the right thing changing your password, I probably ought to change mine, since I haven’t done it lately. You sure Adrian didn’t pull a little prank while your back was turned though?


  2. I’ll check it out. I kinda dropped my 360 pages in ’05 since I felt limited. My sister dumped her MSN blog because they kept messing with her site.

    Okay, I just checked it out…that looks like the lovechild of Blogger and IMVU. Very intrigued.

    Now I gotta learn how to move my blog over.


  3. okay, got my log on just so no one else would take it. and that’s a pretty cool site there. i can see it keep me awake tweaking it here and there.


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