Kudos to the LA Times!

Wow! The LA Times coverage of yesterday’s peace march near downtown was awesome. The full-color photos, the exhaustive interviews…I mean that was probably the most comprehensive number of articles on one rally in a major metropolitan newspaper.

Oh…huh? What? You woke me…I was dreaming I live in a city with a good newspaper.

Not that the paper mentioned it beforehand, but there were peace marches all over the US and Canada yesterday. The one in Los Angeles was not too far from the Times building. The LA Times, being one more cog in the Bush administration propaganda machine, rarely covers them. Okay, they rarely cover LA, but still…Why bother running anything, if you’re not going to cover it. Today, we were blessed with a tiny 2×4 b/w photo of protesters. In San Francisco. To add insult to injury, you learn that it’s an AP photo to accompany the AP article they ran. On like page A32. Here’s where LA is covered in the LA Times:

The protest was the largest in a series of antiwar marches taking place across the country, including in New York City, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.


In Los Angeles, protesters marched up Broadway Street around noon to City Hall. On Temple Street, a “die-in” was staged in which Iraq veterans and supporters laid down as the sounds of air raid sirens and bomb blasts filled the air, organizers said.

The story has a San Francisco location tag and out of 14 paragraphs only 2 have the city name. Now, this is an article I can appreciate in say The Desert Sun (which, BTW, great new website you guys!). I guess it could be worse. NOLA.com ran an article call Give War a Chance. It covered the protest and the nimrod writing it, didn’t actually attend the protest or, um, interview anyone who was there. She just has her GOPinions and damn the facts if they get in the way of writing an article!

But really. Even though you’re slaves to Chicago at least pretend once in a while to cover Los Angeles. Just a hint: It’s those two words before ‘Times’.