DailyKos condones racism

There’s no two ways about it. Short story: Bigot, pissed off that Obama had dickhead McClurkin on his stupid little gospel tour decided to post a diary that was incredibly racist. Only a fucking racist would actively search out those images AND type that shit. That should be grounds for autobanning. But, there were people actively uprating the bigot’s comments and the diary. The admins didn’t do one damn thing to stop it except for minor tsking. Now, keep in mind that back in July, some bigotted asshat did a diary that insulted Jews. That diary was taken down immediately by the admins and that person was banned. Nevermind, apparently the diarist lost his ability to comment for a bit. The very next day there was a diary from him entitled “Apology”. He apologized for the images. I’m guessing it’s because they were copyrighted, which is an instant bannable offense, unlike racism which is just simply ignored if you’ve been there along time. In that “apology” diary, he pretty much defended his previous racist diary and was condescending, “I’m sorry you got offended by that.” Naturally, there were the moronic imbeciles who posted, “I thought it as satire!” Right, here’s the words (I’m linking to k/o’s diary because he made the same arguement and has the links):

I Sho’s Don’t Think No Bad ‘Bout Obama! I Sho’s Don’t!
by HarveyMilk
Fri Oct 26, 2007 at 11:22:48 PM PDT

I’m sah glad Obama done included us all, I kicked up a storm in Ms. Getty’s flour bin! I sho’s am happy Mr. Obama done decided that we all count!

When we decided we wanted to be included, Mr. Obama done went outta his way to have someone like us be up on the stage. He white and plenty gay. Well gay, even! Praise be!

We sho’s am happy, Mr. Obama! We’d name our kids after you, iffin’ we had any.

You too good to us. Too good!

Real soon now, they’ll be no difference. Not a difference at’al

He had a image of a man in blackface in this shit. And that’s supposed to be satirical. Yeah fucking right.

Needless to say, the mere fact that he was back (if you click the link you’ll see he’s still commenting), in my mind, means that the site admins decided to stand by this guy and let his racism go. Me:

And yes, I find a little more than ironic

That people who allowed this bigot to remain here and people who uprated his comments, have no problem hanging McClurkin around Obama’s neck. They say it’s “indefensible” that McClurkin did what was expected of him. They call Obama a “homophobic bigot”. Using that logic, what does that make them? They let this guy stay here. They uprated his comments.

Fucking. Useless. Hypocrites.

So, when MissLaura (not responding to me) says that there’s no double standard…:

I’m not sure what other diaries you’re talking about, but a long list of things factor in to any decision. And you’re stating as fact some things that you imagine but do not know to be true, which is dishonest.

The diary was offensive and inexcusable, and few people, if any, are saying any different. It was also in response to something offensive and inexcusable which any number of people had been excusing – and that doesn’t make it an appropriate or acceptable response, but yeah, it factors in.

Do you know how many damn times in the past 10 days gay people on this site have been told to be ok with a major Democratic candidate implicitly endorsing the notion that they are diseased, that they are child-rapists, that they need to be cured by God? Do you understand that this taps into the blame that was cast at gay people following the 2004 elections, that if it was not for Republicans having gay marriage to mobilize voters, Kerry would have won?

So yes, the diary was done either to hurt black people or not caring if it hurt black people en route to hurting Obama. And that’s not ok. But given the non-vacuum in which it was written, the diarist gets a shred of a second chance. As any number of people have gotten second chances on frankly homophobic comments.

You get to be angry. You do not get to say there’s a double standard here.

That’s some bullshit, on the real right there. It’s really fucking laughable. Their logic? This racist diarist was a long time user. Bigotry, no matter who is doing it, should NEVER be tolerated. More me (btw, the entire thread is here):

What else could I conclude?

He’s still allowed to post here. That’s all I know. He was given a chance. That totally and completely disgusts me. To me that tacit endorsement of his views.

Imagine: If, in my anger at seeing that diary, I decided to lash out and post some bigoted bullshit slamming gays. I mean, I searched for links, and deliberately wrote hurtful words.
Do you think for one minute that anyone here would have stood up for me?
Do you think that there would have been scores of people saying, “Man, you went a little too far with this, but I get your point.” AND uprate my comments?
Do you honestly believe that I would have had any chance to plead my case AND post a half-assed “apology”?

I don’t. The person who posted that stupid Holocaust denial diary with those images was banned immediately. I certainly don’t remember him/her being able to post an apology. I know this community had double standards, hell everyone does, but when it comes to bigotry towards anyone, but especially when members of that group are known to this community, there shouldn’t be any double standards.

But MissLaura says that we don’t get to say there’s double standards. Well fuck me running. I’ll just sit my black ass over here in the corner until you let me know what exactly I get to say.


5 thoughts on “DailyKos condones racism

  1. When I first read the diary title, I thought it was some sort of ham-fisted try at sarcasm, but when I actually read the diary, wow…
    I agree with you 100% about this. I’m still an old-timer at DKos (user #1300 or something), and got so extremely dismayed over the years by the way certain groups were treated that I just quit participating well over a year ago. I only read sometimes and never log on anymore, and I see that things there have gotten even worse, with racist, sexist, and homophobic comments becoming more prevalent.

    The one thing I have noticed at DK since the beginning is that certain diarists there gain a claque who shout down any criticism/dissent. When the claque eventually gets power through becoming TUs, then that diarist isn’t going to be shifted from the site even with blasting powder, no matter what they write. People wanting to try this and that to address the problem are always dismissed with the complaint that it will become “mob rule”. IMO they already have it, but in a subtler, harder to police way. TUs wield power a lot like the old IRC admins, who had banning power in IRC channels. It fascinated me to see apparently reasonable people turn into petty martinets once they had the power to kickban someone. I found that 2/3 (to be conservative) of people given these powers were entirely unsuited to having them.

    The black community on DK is one of the most ill-treated I’ve seen (I only can say this from the outside just from what I’ve seen – I’m a white guy from CA, after all), and only the transgendered have been treated worse there. Since this is the case, I wonder what Kos’ views really are. He tolerates it is about all I can say for sure (he certainly doesn’t tolerate other forms of bigotry nearly as much), but it is disquieting to consider.


  2. Arab and Palestinian bigotry has been tolerated for years, so are you really surprised?

    Watch how they start treating the Mexicans, when they find it convenient and beneficial to do so.


  3. I’m sorry, he should have been banned without anyone having to ask and the fact that he wasn’t is very disturbing to me. I don’t care who he supports, it was wrong.

    I should have demanded that he be banned personally and everyone who stood by in shock and horror and who did not demand he be removed is to blame as well. So I apologize for that.


  4. Wow, what a trainwreck. That was bad even for daily kos – that it was allowed to stay up there, with only “oh you naughty boy” type condemnations from the admins is pretty much par for the course tho.

    We are not their target market… never have been, never will be – so “pandering to the PC crowd and special interests” will never do, or they’ll lose the ones who *are* the targeted market, doncha know.

    You hung in there a long time, Ms Fabooj – years longer than I could hack it. If you want it to be, I hope it becomes a safe (or at least tolerable) space for you again, after all these years and the friends you’ve no doubt made.


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