Can I get a new Speaker?

Another Yahoo article is telling me that Pelosi is getting tough…with Nancy Nord, the acting head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Over toys. I’m sorry I can’t get too agitated over this, as I don’t, won’t and haven’t bought my kids any of the toys on the list. The ones they received as gifts were either given away or tossed. So, that’s not too much of a concern with me.

When you have a sitting president who has willfully broken the laws of this country, hell in some cases it looks like he’s gone out of his way to break laws and you say “Impeachment is off the table.” When there is mismanagement at every level in the Bush adminstration, but you choose instead to slap your fellow Democrats, the fact that you want to go after the head of CPSC just shows you have no fucking priorities.

Nancy Pelosi = fucking dimwit.