Ilia’s ballet recital


4 thoughts on “Ilia’s ballet recital

  1. I just signed her up for the next class. She’s so excited, it’s not even funny. She’s still doing the dances from the recital and she said next time, she’ll practice more.

    A while back I picked up her the book The Silver Slippers and she loves it. I read it to her almost every day. When she started this class, she started sleeping with the book.


  2. absolutely adorable. how is miss ilia and sir alton? things are crazy here. just waiting for mischa to arrive (2-4 weeks to go). aaron is so excited. i can’t believe our babes are 4 1/2 already.


  3. Denise they’re fine. I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering if you had my birthday baby!

    You will have that baby next Monday.

    That was me using The Force. LOL!


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