Halloween 2007

Well, the day came…and went. Costumes were donned. Candy was consumed. People had fun.

Ghosts on gate
My ghosts on my gate. They look like little KKK men and man, I hung those things with gusto!

I gotta say, that once again our neighborhood really knows how to throw down on a holiday. We found out from people who used to be friends with someone we know that there’s a huge Halloween blowout around the corner from us. Haunted houses and all that crap. In our old neighborhood, Halloween was pretty lame. You’d hear drunk chicks ‘whoo-hooing’ at 2am, but that was about it. I guess everyone was up on Santa Monica Blvd. Anyway, we’ve never had to deal with trick-or-treaters and we never had kids to take trick-or-treating.

Adrian’s never done it before. I did as a kid and didn’t quite like it. So, I made him take the kids trick-or-treating. This night has been stressing him for the past two weeks. He’d say, “I don’t know how to trick-or-treat!”. Ilia would reply, “I do daddy! You say: [pressing a doorbell] ‘Ding-dong! Trick-or-treat!’ See? Like that, or you can knock!” I seriously expected him to flake on the kids and just not do it. I bought them both little bags from the 99 cent store and they were ready to go.

blurry Ilia and Alton
It’s a blurry photo, I know, neither of them would stay still!

First the went to the store to pick up some stuff for me, so in between there and here they “trick-or-treated”. This meant, I learned later, that Adrian looked down a street, determined that no one was home and came back. LOL!

Here’s a short video of how Halloweeny my place was. I sat on the front porch and handed out candy. Oh my “costume” consisted of black cargo pedal-pushers (did I actually buy those?), an orange turtleneck, orange Pumas and an alien eye headband that lit up. I wish I had a pic of me!

When they got back, Ilia took over handing out the candy. She was so adorable and friendly. When people came up, she complimented their costumes and as they left she’d yell out, “Happy Halloween!”. Too cute. Alton just chilled in his stroller eating candy and playing an eyeball ring.

Here’s our pumpkins:
Kitty Pumpkin
The “Lite-Brite” kitty pumpkin

Ghost pumpkin
The ghost pumpkin

Diva Pumpkin
Diva Pumpkin

They did go back out and Adrian took them over to Collis where the big Halloween party was going on. Apparently, there were haunted houses and all kinds a spooky stuff. I wish I had gone, but I was tired and we were all hungry. Ilia wants to have a party next year. I think that might be a good idea.

Ilia and Alton
It was a Happy Halloween!