Is George Will that dumb?

Disclosure: I think George Will is a complete idiot 95% of the time. He just an idiot the rest of the time. 🙂

In today’s Washington Post, he wrote an op-ed about school vouchers in Utah. As a so-called conservative, naturally he’s for them. When Will spouts numbers, I take them with a grain of salt, so I haven’t had time to check them. He says that teachers unions are against the school vouchers:

Intellectually bankrupt but flush with cash, the teachers unions continue to push their threadbare arguments, undeterred by the fact that Utah’s vouchers will increase per-pupil spending and will lower class sizes in public schools. Why the perverse perseverance? There are two large, banal reasons — fear of competition and desire for the maximum number of dues-paying public school teachers.

I don’t know that that ‘s true, since Will couldn’t be bothered with listing any teachers unions or interviewing anyone. He couldn’t even post a statement by these teachers unions as to why they’re against the vouchers.

What I do know is that despite most of the article on the Utah school system he ends with this:
What will defenders of that idea — former liberals, now known as progressives — call themselves next? Surely not “pro-choice.”


Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either. Besides, how the hell does someone jump to the conclusion that liberals=progressives? What a moron. They’re two totally different groups. I couldn’t believe someone could be that stupid and lazy, but Will always proves me wrong.

To make it worse, the link to this crap on the front page of WAPOonline (their idiot ombudsman, loves to make the distinction) was Giving Progressives a Bad Worse Name.