NaBloPoMo 07

Noticed the new badge did ya? Well h/t to sassymonkey at BlogHer for this one. Actually, she gets credit for finally getting me to click the link. I have been seeing this around for the past two weeks, but couldn’t bring myself to care. Well, that’s all changed.

NaBloPoMo??? Yeah, it’s…clever. It means that is’ National Blog Posting Month. Told you it was clever. The gist is that you’re to blog at least once a day during the month of November. I figured why not? I ain’t got no money, no work…I’m not going anywhere. LOL…all I can do is blog. So here we are.

UPDATE: I’ve played around on the site a bit and it’s a lot like Multiply, but without the, uh…”multiplying” functionality. For example, any post I put here, immediately goes to my Multiply page. Same with my flickr photos. When I add photos to my flickr page, my Mulitply page updates. NaBloPoMo doesn’t have any of that. So, I have to physically upload my blog posts and add my photos, etc…Pain in the damn ass.