Art on the walls


Alton’s been writing on the walls. I noticed it first in the kid’s bedroom. I saw it on the wall with the windows, the noticed it above his headboard. Looking around, yeah…the wall next to the closet, the closet door have also been marked up. GRRRRR

Okay, let’s chalk it up to a “parenting experience” and leave in the list of things to chuckle about when I’m all teary-eyed when he graduates from high school. Right?

Hmmm…then I noticed that he also marked up the wall above my headboard with pen. Most likely the pen I use to do my word puzzles. Now, it’s getting personal.

Geek that I am, instead of thinking anything through, I went online to find out how to get rid of crayon on the wall. If I had flat latex paint on my walls, it would be one thing, but I have eggshell, satin, gloss and semi-gloss on my walls (it’s for texture people!). I read tips like using bread (this is dumb AND messy), tennis balls (smears the crayon), Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (I’m convinced all those people are getting paid to say that) and lighter fluid. Yes. There are morons out there who think that if you have a toddler drawing on the walls, the best thing to use is lighter fluid.

Since the markings were in the private rooms, I let it lie and generally pretended to worry about it. Until 9 days ago. He got a red crayon and drew all over the dining room wall. The yellow dining room wall. MuthagrumblesonofamurmurARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Yeah. A little upset. I need to get that off the wall. But not yet, it’s not like we’re having people over or anything. Right?

Now it’s reached a head. This morning, another red crayon, but this time on the white bathroom door. The white bathroom door, I just cleaned all the grubby little handprints off of. Gah! So, i grabbed a piece of bread. It works. It’s just s-l-o-o-o-w and messy. Breadcrumbs all over the floor. Hmmmm, I read about baking soda. Of course, it helps if you actually have baking soda in the house. Why don’t I have baking soda??? Weird. Ooh! Glass cleaner and a sponge. Glass cleaner and a napkin. Glass cleaner and a rag. Smeared. Let’s try wetting those things…Glass cleaner and a wet sponge. Glass cleaner and a wet napkin. Glass cleaner and a wet rag. This sucks.

I stomped off to the garage. Pencils, fancy art erasers, sewing erasers…a tennis ball. Ugh. The tennis ball not only smeared, but seems to have lifted the gloss off the wall. Okay, the pencil worked, but it was slow and my hand was cramping. Fancy-pants erasers were perfect. Except for the hand cramps. In ten minutes, I got rid of about 1/18th of what was on the wall.

I think those tears in my eyes when he graduates from high school will be because that morning I had finally gotten rid of his markings on the wall.


4 thoughts on “Art on the walls

  1. I guess I was lucky — I never had that problem with my two. Maybe they had other stuff to draw on; I can’t really remember… but giving Alton a drawing tablet & some colored pencils might help.


  2. Paper? I have 9 different kinds of paper here. You think I don’t offer paper? He laughs at paper! Nothing can stop Hurricane Alton! LOL!!! While I was cleaning the crayon off the wall, he came in with his coloring page and still tried to draw on the wall. Twice!


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