Feel sorry for me

I had to pull the kids from preschool. We couldn’t keep up with payments, since our stupid clients still haven’t paid us. I’m sitting here looking at close to $20K in invoices that should have been paid already. Life’s not fair. Our clients suck.

Got an email last week, rush job, “We’re sending out a check this week, can you get this done for us?”. Did we get it? Of course not. They owe us about $4K. From work done in March. Got an email today. “We’re going to try to get a check to you this week for $830.” What the shit is that?

So, I’m depressed. Mainly because I bought tickets back in August to go visit family for Thanksgiving. Now we can’t go. Such a shame since none of them have even met Alton. Oh, one aunt did. Still, it’s just sad. Even if we go, we have no place to stay. Well, we can stay where we usually stay, I guess it’s just that 4 people in one room with a full-size bed isn’t going to be comfortable. 😦 On top of that, we’ll still need a car to get from relative to relative. And we’ll need to eat. Okay, that’s not a big deal, we won’t go hungry. Still, for once I’d like to be able to visit home and not be broke. All the times we’ve gone back, we’ve been destitute. Once, the day we landed, the IRS put a lien on our bank accounts and drained them! Yeah, that’s out stupid luck.

So, feel sorry for me. I’m so, so sad.


4 thoughts on “Feel sorry for me

  1. Pootie pix make everything better, don’t they?

    Have you thought about selling your accounts receivable to one of those sharks? Sure, you’d get $15K-$18K of your $20 receivables, but that’s better than what you have now. Business, unfortunately, is business.


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