I’m an idiot

I was going to use an oh-so-clever title like “Call me [idiot famous person]”, but even [idiot famous person] has someone with half a brain to schedule them. Me? Judging from my email, tired and apparently a little tipsy, I decided to buy tickets to Kansas City. This was back in August. As I mentioned before, I thought it would be nice to go to Kansas City for Thanksgiving. Apparently not one of my calendars here knew to tell me that Thanksgiving is NOT the last week of November.

I got an email from a friend today saying that her and her family were going to KC for Thanksgiving and they’ll get in on the 20th. I thought it was weird, but told her my tickets were for the next week. Then we get to Ilia’s ballet class tonight and the teacher’s all, “Well, there’s no class on the 20th, the week of Thanksgiving.” And I said, “I thought Thanksgiving was the week after that.” ALL the parents in the class said, “No, it’s not the last week of November this year.” Shit!

So, we just got home and I checked my tickets thinking, hoping, praying that somehow at 2am that random August morning, I knew that Thanksgiving wasn’t going to be the last week of November.

I checked the email.

I was wrong.

I was fucking wrong.