Don’t even ask why I was googling the show, just read.

I just found out that there’s a Hee-Haw website. Like, the official Hee-Haw website. I’ll freely admit that as a kid, I loved parts of Hee-Haw. The cornfield jokes were pretty funny and they still crack me up. Other than that…I could have done without all the country music. Yes. I know. Missing the point of the show. Still, you have to consider that it seemed every freakin’ variety show during that time was dedicated to country music. Tell me I’m lying.

I’d be interested to see something like that today. It would totally crass, with bleeped out cussing, faux-lesbians, rump-shaking something and a bunch of a jackasses. Most famous people today don’t seem to have any real talent beyond not being ugly. To make matters worse, they try to “crossover” into fields they have no place being; William Shatner trying to sing, Shaq trying to rap, Tyra Banks hosting a TV show, Brittany Spears trying to have class, etc…