Ron Paul (R-CrazyTown)

Yes, I’ve ignored Paul’s huge online haul. I’m not dazzled that he’s managed to swindle Americans (probably the same sort that voted for Bush with gusto) into giving him money.

I am impressed by the American public’s general willingness to be swindled. Many people like Paul because he’s against the war. That’s nice. Many people, like me, were against the war before it started. Many people realized in 2003 that the war was a bad idea and the Bush Adminstration had no idea what it was doing. Paul has been a staunch detractor of the war. I’ve seen some great speeches by him on the floor of Congress stating how bad the war is and how terrible it’s been managed. That does not make me want to give up my rights as a woman, as a black person to someone who happens to agree with me on one thing.

Granted, I am a proud liberal and I could never vote for anyone with an R or I behind their name just because they agree with me on one thing. Hell, I haven’t ever voted for fucking Dianne Feinstein (D[ha!]-CA) because she votes with the GOP on most of the issues that are important to me.

Ron Paul’s supporters are quick to defend him with, “He won’t take away your rights. He’s for state’s rights!”. Yeah, Le Shrub ran saying he was for state’s rights too. Remember? That was his answer on just about everything that the couldn’t or wouldn’t give a solid answer to. “[Whatever] is a complicated issue. I’m for state’s rights.” He was for state’s rights as long as they fell in behind his administrations poorly planned and pro-corporatists interests. Paul strikes me as one for state’s rights as long as it’s not affecting him personally. Oops, guess that’s all libertarians.

Oh well. At least he’s not a tyrant-in-training like Guiliani.


2 thoughts on “Ron Paul (R-CrazyTown)

  1. Um… “states’ rights” is basically a codeword for what things were like pre-1964 here on Planet Georgia and surrounding states. If you get my drift.

    Now I’m all for decentralizing things as much as possible, but not when the local or state governments start infringing on rights of my fellow citizens.


  2. Yeah, I get that. When people, especially Republicans start in on state’s rights, I think, “Great, another closet KKK person.”


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