The gorillas are back!

I might be unusually excited about this. The concept of gorillas fascinate me. They’re magnificent and beautifully powerful creatures whose intelligence shines through. I like watching how they interact in family situations and the Los Angeles Zoo has brought back an entire family unit.

The gorillas have been in Denver the past 4.5 years as the Los Angeles Zoo refurbished their new reserve. I’ve watched the space transform and in the past 4 months, I’ve been extremely enthused about the area as it’s quite beautiful. You can see the hills, the lush vegetation and the actual beauty in design. It’s very much unlike the rest of the zoo. The new Rainforest section housing the orangutans will be complemented nicely by Campo Gorilla Reserve.

…[the] Los Angeles Zoo opens its new Campo Gorilla Reserve today. After a 4 1/2 -year absence, Western lowland gorillas are back, in a newly constructed exhibit the zoo prefers to call a habitat.

It is part of the continuing overhaul of the middle area of the zoo, which will include an exhibit for long-awaited golden monkeys from China and the controversial elephant habitat now under construction.

With a price tag — $19 million — to rival a Beverly Hills mansion, it appears to have all the amenities that a captive gorilla herbivore could want: one-third of an acre of grassy rolling hills, rock ledges to climb and an all-you-can-eat buffet of shrubbery and pomegranate trees. A waterfall cascades into a stream, and little alcoves offer refuge from the madding crowd of spectators.

Thank goodness that a) I have a membership at the zoo and b) the zoo is not far from Travel Town (which is free). We’re on our way out to see the trains and the gorillas. What an exciting morning!