Oh my little boy loves him some trains. Yesterday, we stumbled upon this cool kid’s store in South Pasadena called The Dinosaur Farm. I could have done without Ilia oohing and aahing all over the pink girly crap. There were dinosaurs there! What was she thinking???

Totally OT, Adrian is cooking dinner right now and Ilia is “helping” and playing waitress. Here’s the conversation they just had:
Ilia: What would you like to eat, Daddy?
Daddy: Food.
Ilia: Okay! I’ll go get some!

Back to the store. Near the back where they sell books (awesome books, I might add), they had a train display set up for the kids to play with. Alton loved them. Now, what he didn’t know is that we have one down in the basement. Adrian bought it for Ilia at the beginning of the year and they’ve set it up. I should take a photo of that, as it’s, uh…interesting what they’ve done. Adrian, seeing how much Alton loved the trains decided to bring up a bit of track and some trains so he could play with them. Yesterday, when we left the store, both kids were crying because they wanted to stay and play with the trains. Today, it was much, much worse. Tantrums, screeching, hair pulling…all over some trains. Drama.

Seeing all this, I’ve decided that maybe Alton will like Travel Town. Ilia loves the place and I think the last time Alton was there, he was probably 9 or 10 months old.


If Ilia can look that happy, I know Alton would just die when he gets there.


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