Los Angeles Zoo

So, you know how in Madagascar, the animals are all excited because it’s Field Trip Day and they put on a show and all the kids just love them? Well, going to the LA Zoo, I’d laugh because the animals there are almost as lazy as most of the city. They’re usually just laying there. It’s rare to see them moving.

Well, I guess they knew it was Field Trip Day because they were cracked out. The zebras were moving. No. They were running. I’ve never seen them run. In the last 6 years we’ve been going to the zoo regularly, I’ve never seen them away from that back wall.

Zebra.  Moving.

See, I got a pic because I knew you wouldn’t believe it. The bears were active too:

Big daddy

Elephant...and a tire


The kids loved every stinking minute of it. Adrian left Alton’s stroller at home, so we decided to wing it and see if he could handle not being in the stroller. That meant that this was pretty much his first time actually seeing a lot of the animals. We even made it up to Treetops because we weren’t inhibited by a stroller. Ah…I can taste the freedom (potty training, here we come!) of not having babies any more.

And now for some gratutitous photos of my family:
The kids
The zoo is already setting up the Christmas crap.

Don't ask me
This is the last photo in a series of weird. Check my flickr page to see the other 3 photos.

My peeps at the zoo
Leaving the zoo.