The frustration!

Some of you know that I make jewelry. I sell it, though not in general. Did you click the link? That’s to my website adirah. I haven’t updated it since March 2005 and only stopped because php fucking sucks. Working onYearlyKos, having a new baby, busy with Adrian’s business took me away from making jewelry. Then we moved. Yikes!

When I saw the basement, I envisioned me down there, making jewelry, blogging and doing Adrian’s work from my own office down there. Things haven’t turned out as planned. Adrian took over the basement with his car crap. These days, there’s not much Adrian work, and so I blog. And fume.

Know what I do most days? I go outside for a smoke and stalk. Between the garage, which is a mess and the basement. I think about revamping and installing drywall, built-in storage and desks. I could put in the beading stuff downstairs. I could put a potting station and work bench in the garage. I fantasize about labeling stuff in plastic boxes.

To ease the pain, I’ll go visit my beads in the garage. I bought a beading magazine a couple of weeks ago and my fever rose. I want to bead. I want to create. I want to make little barrettes for Ilia, I want a new necklace.

I need to get off my ass and just do it.